Investment gold bars
for natural persons

Gold is one of the most demanded metals on the planet. It was gold that became the basis of market relations between people. This is the most ancient asset, which for millennia was not only the subject of commodity exchange for people, but also served as an ideal tool for preserving and accumulating capital.

Today, it is obvious to everyone that buying gold
is a good way to protect personal savings and current income from inflation.


The main thing we want to tell to our clients and partners is that the demand for gold among natural persons is now growing as never before.

Over the past three months, among our buyers, about 40% were those who have never bought gold before, and they made their first purchase of gold on our platform.

We proceed from the fact that the basis of Financial Security is the ability of a person to accumulate and regularly replenish his/her gold stock. We see that a person cannot be Financially Secure if he/she does not regularly accumulate his/her gold reserves.

Throughout the history of mankind, it was gold that saved millions of people from inflation and endless devaluation of paper money.



gold market

We don’t need to go back into history too far,
let’s look at the events of the last year and a half:


Unlike currency, gold is not subject to inflation — on the contrary, during a crisis, the value of the precious metal usually rises. Therefore, it is reasonable to keep part of the savings in gold — it will protect the invested money from depreciation and reduce the damage caused to currency assets.

Over the past decades, gold has shown an upward trend in prices. If you bought gold 20 years ago, today you would have increased your investment by almost five times.

Equity Convertible Notes



One cannot achieve the state of Financial Security alone; this requires the efforts of a whole group of like-minded people. So, the only right decision to create such a group is to give our clients the opportunity to become our Partners, and in the future — co-owners of the company. We want each client to have their own gold company — our common gold company.


issued by the company
are insured by gold.

What does it mean?

This means that we are backing ECN of Global Success Management with investment gold at a 1:2 ratio. For every two euros invested in ECN, Partners receive a gold backing of one euro, in addition to all other assets of the company.

Every euro invested in ECN is placed in a reliable source of preservation and accumulation of capital, because it is insured by gold and in the future can become a source of significant passive income in the form of dividends on the company’s shares. In addition, it means investment insurance against any financial shocks!

Our level of reliability allows us to offer Partners 14% per annum on the company’s EQUITY CONVERTIBLE NOTES.

At the same time, most of the world banks have already introduced negative rates on deposits, which indicates the degradation of the global financial system.

Even banks no longer need paper money.


Global Success management inc.

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