The online platform


aims to change the industry of gold trading for natural persons around the world.

GIG-OS is a platform
for efficient and secure communication between the buyers and sellers of gold.

How does it work?

Today the world is split into parts: different countries, organizations, laws and regulations. These regulations often contradict each other and interfere with effective activities.

This problem is solved by the platform business model — a system that quickly integrates into various market segments, adapting to changing conditions.

GIG-OS is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of gold. Choose sellers and buy gold in the most convenient way for you in your region!


Why do you need a platform?

The platform acts as a guarantor between buyer and seller. The platform ensures that the buyer receives what he/she paid for.
Due to the special conditions of cooperation between stores and the platform, a client returns up to 8% of the order cost.
A client assigns a fixed cost to any of the offered goods. Payment can be made within 14 days.
This is a great advantage!


GIG-OS subscription — a tool that opens the advanced features of the online gold platform:
  • Purchase of gold at a special price.
  • Fixation of the cost of gold up to 14 days.
  • Deal reliability guarantees.
  • Participation in special projects and advanced platform functionality.

Every client of the company can become a Business partner of the company and build his/her own reliable and profitable business by promoting our products and services.


to special projects

GIG-OS Time Shift is a unique platform feature for buying investment gold bars that has no analogues on the market.

The GIG-OS Time Shift special project allows you to get a 100-gram bar under unique terms:

Paying for bars in parts.
Every Business partner can choose the most suitable partial payment amount for purchasing a bar.

No prepayments!
Each payment of the deal is the purchase of an investment bar within the framework of the special project.

Complete the deal and receive a 100-gram bar, and + 5 or + 10 EXTRA grams of gold!

From now on, the rising price of gold is no longer a hindrance to everyone who wants to buy investment bars. The GIG-OS Fixing project enables you to fix the cost of a 100-gram bar and prepare for a rise in gold price using GIG-OS subscriptions.

From cost fixing to a stable future:

Fix the cost of a 100-gram bar.

Pay for bars of any nominal value within the fixed cost.

Exchange purchased bars for a 100-gram bar. The GIG-OS Fixing project gives you the opportunity to control the cost of gold and make purchases with the maximum benefit and the minimum risk.

The value of the

GIG-OS platform services

The GIG-OS Fixing and GIG-OS Time Shift projects increase the value of the GIG-OS platform subscription manifold, creating an incredibly lucrative offering in the gold market for natural persons.

These two unique special projects allow Business partners to take the promotion of platform services to a whole new level, since they give:

an opportunity to manage risks and your capital, which is an incredible value in our unstable world;

a way of planning purchases on terms convenient and favorable to a client;

an opportunity to minimize the risks of the growth of cost in the market.

Business partnership

Who is
Business partner?

Business partner is a person who not only uses the services of the platform, but also promotes them in exchange for remuneration for the activities performed.
Any client who wishes to contribute to the development of the project can become a Business partner. The platform provides tools for creating and developing your own business.


What does a

Business partnership give?

Remuneration for active promotion of platform services.

The opportunity to form and lead your own business team.

International recognition of your achievements and exclusive awards for accomplishments.

Participation in conferences, training seminars, business cruises and other events.

A wide circle of like-minded people.

As a Business partner, the client has freedom of action, can plan and organize his/her activities independently.

One goal — one family!

Cohesion and mutual trust
allow us to achieve our goals no matter the circumstances.

Support from like-minded people, business partners, clients and friends helps strengthening our positions and adapting to the changing realities of the 21st century.


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